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Overwhelmed by too many job applications?

Need help sorting and filtering out your qualified candidates?

Today there are dozens (maybe hundreds) of candidates for every opening. Wouldn't it be ideal to use an online applicant tracking system that filters out the applications that don't meet your minimum criteria so you can spend your time with those that do?

RecruitGear Express can help you sort through all those applications, tag applicants with your custom keywords, and choose the best candidate for the job.

Customize your system for automatic screening and sorting. Applicants will appear in your inbox as either 'qualified' or 'unqualifed' based on your preset hiring criteria.

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Outstanding User Benefits:

  • Turn-key Hiring Solution - includes a web-based employment application, secure data housing, and a highly developed candidate tracking and management center
  • Completely Web-Based Recruiting Software - anywhere there is web access
  • Flexible - use it as long as you want to; cancel any time
  • Easy Setup - nothing to download or install, no hardware to purchase
  • Peace of mind - robust data security and daily backups

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