RecruitGear Express Online Web-Based Recruiting and Hiring Software

RecruitGear Express is the online, applicant management system solution for today's resourceful SMB.
'Hire' RecruitGear to streamline all your applicant tracking processes.

The Ideal Hiring System for:

  • BUDGET-CONSCIOUS COMPANIES - Get the features of an expensive hiring management system in a solution that costs only $15 per month!
  • TEMPORARY & SEASONAL HIRING - Use it during your peak hiring periods. Stop when and if you want to.
  • SERVICE INDUSTRY - Retail, hospitality, staffing.

Outstanding Customer Benefits

  • Turn-key Hiring Solution - includes a secure web application and encrypted data,
  • Completely Cloud-Based - nothing to download or install, no hardware to purchase
  • Flexible Subscription - no contract, use it when you are hiring, stop whenever you are not accepting applications
  • No limit on applications - and no extra fees ever
  • Peace of mind - with database integrity (redundancy and daily back ups)

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